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Brand story

Starting at $4k

Heartfelt storytelling



Cinematic production

95% of purchasing decisions are subconscious and emotional.

Brand stories target the heart and center around a problem your business is trying to solve.


From script to screen, get a done-for-you video that your audience will never forget.

As simple as 1, 2, 3

I use a simple recipe with powerful effects.

How do you want your audience to feel, know, and do (in that order)?

Feel Know Do.png

They could...

feel relieved, knowing that there's a way for them to finally coach their team to success and hit their number for the year. Then, invite them to a free consultation.


feel empowered, knowing that there's a DEI practitioner out there who can help make progress at their organization. Then, invite them to download free resources.


feel excited, knowing that their blog could be a source of new clients in the next 90 days. Then, invite them to get 30% off their first month.

When you get it right, you can accomplish your goals WHILE building brand affinity.

Centered on connection

Focus on how your brand came to be, how it's now changing lives, and what it will become.

Even if you’re a finance consultant, your company has heartfelt, human-based stories to tell.

Find a loyal client, share their story, and be curious about how your engagement changed their trajectory

Center your
story around your history and how it inspires you to keep going every say. Your audience will reflect on theirs.

Demonstrate empathy by sharing how you used to be in the same exact boat that your ideal client is in

Document and create an emotional process video around your biggest project ever! Can you do it?

Whatever the video, get the audience rooting for you and connecting it to their own story.

Content with legs

Once your company's masterpiece is finalized, we need to make sure to hit your audience everywhere they are.


I'll work with you to make sure there’s a video for every format during hand-off: email, website, social media, and more.

Leave them with a feeling.


Pink Gradient

Connor captures the audiences attention and keeps them wanting more. It starts with his passion for understanding people, and approaching any situation with empathy and understanding. He creates a welcoming and comfortable environment that help people share their heart.

April Moldenhauer, Director of HR


What's your kickoff process?

How does production work?

If today you booked a

30-min video consultation

I do a lot of listening to understand your goals, thought-partner on solutions, and see if we’re a good fit.


Within 24 hours of our consultation

Proposal sent

I’ll include three project options at different price points, scope, and timeline. If one of them makes sense for your business, we can get started.


As soon as one week later

1-hr strategy kickoff

Get everyone in the room and form a strategy for the length of our engagement. We’ll nail down a feedback process, a hand-off structure, and get buy-in.

No cookie-cutter videos here!

Every film has a different process, but I can generalize to:


I dig in, listen, and learn about your product or service. What do your customers say about it to others? How does it make people feel? What pain are you trying to solve?


I get to work on scriptwriting, sourcing, and producing (ie. hiring talent, booking places, etc).


Editing. Motion graphics. Sounds mixing. Feedback. More editing. Touchdown :)


So many channels these days. We make sure you have a format for every place you want to share the story.

What level of production quality are we talking?

The truth is, every video you make it going to look and feel MORE incredible the MORE talent you have behind it.

I've done features with a DP, gaffer, camera operator, director, composer, illustrator, and animator. It worked great and felt next-level.


I've also done social media commercials with a one-man crew using tripods and outdoor lighting. It worked great and looked good enough.

You’ll have options when picking out what package makes sense for your business.

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