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Group Hug

Lead with the heart

We all could share our stories a little bit more.

My mission is to create videos that allow audiences to connect with you personally.


I want them to say, "I feel like I know them" before they ever meet you.

People buy with their hearts, first, then justify with logic. So giving someone an entry point

to their own story through yours is the best way to speak to their hearts.

From creating the overall strategy, to organizing and executing the shoot, to managing the multifaceted post-production process, our top priority is helping you accomplish your goals.

Whether you’re starting with a vague idea or a fully fleshed-out concept, Studio Lewis can bring your vision to life.

Modern Architecture

Connor Lewis

Owner & Creative Director

When I went to college I thought I was going to be an accountant. 


I worked for Anderson Tax, one of the biggest accounting firms in the nation. I filed the tax return of the CEO of Tootsie Roll. He thanked me with a giant bucket full of flavored rolls. My dentist hated it.


But of course, that was not the path for me. 


On the side, I was making short films with friends every night. Scripts, cameras, and Adobe was my college version of a Friday night. I’d host movie nights and my friends and I would gawk at famous directors and beautiful cinematography.


By now you’re probably thinking I’m a huge nerd, which is totally true.


It turns out, the films I liked best usually explained some complex part of the world to me in simple, human terms. 


Fast-forward to today and things haven’t changed. I’ve spent the past five years building my video skills at a tech company that needs me to explain their products. Mostly software, often science, and on occasion, human emotion. 


I even made a documentary for them. Absolute highlight of my career.


It’s been one hell of a treat, but I want to spread my wings and dip into my superpowers. I want to make narrative ads and documentaries that aren’t afraid to get us in our feels (in a cool way, of course).


I want to get to know people and get to know this world through a creative lens. And I’ve got the business mind to add value to any company or individual.


Will you let me tell a story with you?


Our values

I work with lots of different businesses, agencies, partners, freelancers, contractors, actors, you name it. We all hold these things dear. 


In any job, show empathy to your client, coworkers, and customers.


Burning the midnight oil sucks. Understand your scope.


Your word means something.

Be someone people can count on.


Have the courage to ask

the burning questions.


No great story is told alone.

Ask for help & give support.


Teach others if there’s an

opportunity to level them up.


The best people are both

kind and direct.

Northern Lights

Sound like you?

Studio Lewis is looking to expand our crew, editor, and graphical freelance database.

If you'd like to work with us on future productions, please fill out our intake form.

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