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Speaker reel

Starting at $2k

Want to get on the big stage?



Gather your assets

Strategize on branding

  • Conference recordings - Any speaking engagement at a public event

  • Webinar recordings - Guest speaking on an online event

  • Staged events - Some clients give a presentation in front of actors

  • Educational content - Anything you've made for social where you're teaching something

  • What does your ideal audience look like?

  • What's the dream stage that you would like to speak on?

  • What kind of story or lesson should we teach in the edit?

I can help make it happen.

Watch it come to life

  • Choose music out of three choices

  • Approve the mood board

  • Receive your edit within 7 days (can provide feedback)

  • Receive 2-3 versions depending on distribution

Let's get you the stage you deserve.

Done on time with a cinematic shine.


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